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This week’s Six Sentence Sunday is from the upcoming novella and second Bucket List story, ‘Caught.’

Amber has lured her BFF Lucy to the bed section of a large department store. It’s late in the evening, and no-one appears to be around.

She indicates the largest, softest bed in the store…

“I just love this bed,” she said,  “and I wondered how it would feel to share it with you – when we get our own place.”

“Our own – ?”  My question trailed off into a dry croak. 

“Are we going to have to move?”  I was crushed. 

I’d grown to love the big house;  wandering around its vast space, naked or clothed, I’d experienced a freedom that had been akin to childhood memories, when cares were few and quickly forgotten.

“Move?  Nah,” Amber grinned, then she frowned.  “You don’t want to move out, do you?”

“Course not.” My eyes stung with relief.  “Never…I love…that house.”  

I’d nearly said ‘I love you’ but that suddenly felt awkward.

All right, that was more than six…but I soooo wanted you to get the full flavour of the love between Amber and Lucy.

Forgive me?

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The Bucket List

The Bucket List has just received another positive review! Five Stars! Yay!
Thank you Francis James Franklin. And Part Two will soon be on its way. 🙂

Francis James Franklin (Alina Meridon)

Cover of Annie Oakfield's The Bucket ListAnnie Oakfield’s The Bucket List, Part One, published April 2013, is a short story / novella about Lucy (told in first person) who spends one long exhausting – but very satisfying – evening as the demonstration model at a dildo party.

This is a delightful read. It’s well-written and very erotic – and also quite sweet. And while it is a fantasy, there’s a sense that parts of it are quite real.

There’s also something unusual about the perspective of the character and/or author that distracted me while reading it: I know it’s unwise to try and label people’s sexual identity, but I got the sense that although Lucy acted bisexual (certainly not straight/gay bi-curious) she didn’t identify as bisexual – so it was interesting to read afterwards that the author considers herself to be omnisexual.

The only problem, grr, is that Part Two is yet to be…

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SSS from TBL1

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This week’s Six (and a bit) Sentence Sunday is an extract from ‘The Bucket List (Part One)’ – now available from and

Lucy is standing before a dozen women at an adult toys party.  She’s just had a new type of discreet vibrator inserted into her and a mischievous woman called Sandy now has the remote control in her hand.  After teasing poor Lucy for a few moments, she decides to try out a particular mode on the remote;

Sandy pressed her thumb to one of the buttons and strong, rippling pulses throbbed up through my pussy, making me gasp.

It felt as if something was sliding up inside me, buzzing as it went.

With each rising pulse, I found myself lifting up onto my toes, almost as if my body was instinctively trying to avoid the intrusion.

The next button she pressed added to the sensation, except that this time, the rising pulse was followed by a descending one;  I imagined the tiny vibrator sliding up inside me, then slipping back down again.

It felt like… the next best thing to being fucked without having to spread my legs.

“Ooo… leave it there for a moment, Sandy,” Amber cooed as her hand caressed my upper thigh. “I think she likes that.”

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Achievements for Writers of Erotica

Take this fun quiz and see how your writing is going – then take it again in six months and compare! 😀

A. Vivian Vane Talks Dirty

Someone shared these over at Darknest Fantasy Erotica. I thought readers here would probably enjoy them as well!

I suppose if you’ve never played any sort of electronic game since the advent of “achievements” they might look a little odd. But then, I see my grandmother getting achievements for playing Scrabble on Facebook these days. Anyone that’s reading a blog is probably familiar with the concept.

Without further adieu, achievements for erotica writers (with my own limited successes checked off):

[x]Cherry Popping – Publish First Story.
[ ]Dirty Thirty – Publish 30 stories.
[ ]Filthy Fifty – Publish 50 stories.
[x]Minute Man – Write a full short in a day.
[x]Feel the Carpal Tunnel – Write 10,000 words in a day.
[ ]I Guess What I’m Saying is Bukakke – End a story with the protagonist drowning in it.
[ ]Outearning the Day Job – Earn $100 in a…

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SSS from TBL2


This week’s Six Sentence Sunday is from the upcoming (fingers crossed) novella and second Bucket List story, ‘Caught.’

Amber has lured her BFF Lucy to the bed section of a large department store. It’s late in the evening, and no-one appears to be around.  Amber sashays up to me (Lucy), smiles and then…

Her large soft lips pressed against mine. 

In a moment, she was devouring me, her eager mouth engulfing mine, lifting me away from the cares of this world and into a weightless dreamy oblivion. 

I sank into bliss and tiny moans crept from my throat – until I remembered where we were and broke the kiss. 

“Amber, we’re in the middle of a department store.  The place is closing.  We’ll get locked in…”

“Not such a bad thing,” Amber cooed, taking hold of my chin to turn my head back towards her.

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Ghostwriting – instant gratification or an opportunity to practice??

osito-pl piggy

As some of you might be aware, I spend a lot of my time ghostwriting – creating work that will (sadly) go on to be credited to someone else even as I count the dollars I earned for writing it.

Gerbera bills

Ghostwriting brings in the cash; it is a short-term gain and can be quite lucrative.  However, it can be, if the writer becomes attached to a set of characters or a story idea, emotionally draining.  For each story created, the carefully-crafted characters (each of whom the writer has spent several weeks rattling around their heads) are sucked into the infinite vastness of the Internet, never to appear in sequels or author interviews.

They cannot even be traced – not by Googling, anyway.  On several occasions, my curiosity has led me to try, but no trail remains; no trace can be found.

It’s a bitter-sweet experience and probably best suited to a writer who can shrug off these characters like a coating of autumn leaves and move onto the next project.

I am not one of those writers.  Each story leaves its trace in my mind and I wonder, like a foster mother whose temporary charges have flown the nest, what became of them out in the big, wide world.

What a softy I am.

All this makes my experience with Steam eReads feel like a comforting blanket.  What I expected to be just another ghostwriting project blossomed into a full publishing experience.  I know what happened to Amber and Lucy and where they can be found on Amazon.  I’m able to craft additional stories for the BFFs – plus I can take note of any feedback and comments regarding the stories and know that readers are enjoying my work.

This has become my anchor in my rather frenetic sphere of writing; a bit of stability in an otherwise chaotic world.

Thank you Steam eReads for the opportunity to become a published author.  I will continue to ghostwrite for now, but only to pay the bills and perhaps improve my writing style.  I have found a new joy in seeing my name on the cover of a book.

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A Great Big THANK YOU!!!

This morning I received the following pair of notifications from WordPress;

100 followers 200 likes

I’d just like to say a great big

Thank You

to everyone who has elected to follow me, plus an extra thank you to my friends who have commented, encouraged and advised me in the short time that I’ve been blogging.

I know that I can be random, I know that I can be rude (but you like that, right?), but I hope you continue to stick with me as I learn and develop my blogging style and make a better hash of it (that’s a good thing, isn’t it?) as I blog into the spring and summer time.

I look forward to reading the posts of my longer-term friends plus those of all my new ones!

Happy writing!

An extra big Muwaaaaah for you all!

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