Oops. An apology to Kelly Love.

I owe Kelly Love (not the Australian fashion designer) an apology. 😦

In my last post, where I mentioned Kelly’s new story Spy Games, I bemoaned the missing third installment of the F/F office romp featuring Stacy Quinn.

Having enjoyed reading book #1 Carnal Lust and #2 Carnal Sin , I asked what had happened to the final part of the story.

Oops, my bad. I’d somehow missed the release of Carnal Love, the final part of the trilogy, back in May.

carnal love

Stacy Quinn’s heart aches for her new boss, Marcy. She’s desperate for Marcy to be the one for her, the ideal partner, the one she spends the rest of her life with.

But Stacy has messed up. When a horrified Marcy discovers Stacy in the arms of another woman, the relationship with her boss turns ice cold. Even the future of her career is in doubt.

Somehow Stacy has to find a way to repair all the rapidly-growing cracks in her life—and fast, because her successful career and her chance at a lifetime of happiness are at stake.”

This blogger is looking forward to settling down to read the final story and (hopefully) discover if Stacy gets the HEA (I think) she deserves.

I’m hoping for a hot, sticky night with my Kindle. 😉


iHeart Kelly Love’s new spy story

Kelly Love (still not the Australian fashion designer, but an author in her own right) has released the first in a new series of stories.

Not content with having released Carnal Lust and Carnal Sin, she’s penned a series about female secret agents who get a little more involved with each other than they ought to. 😉

spy games#1

Special Agent Sandy is keeping a close eye on Gina Norwell, an investigator within the Internal Affairs Division. Sandy’s boss wants to find out why Gina has been spying on him. He needs Sandy to shut her down, or at the very least, distract her.
But Sandy’s attempts get her far closer than she bargained for. After a night in Gina’s bed, she’s no longer certain whose side she’s on.
Can Sandy stick to the mission? Or will Sandy’s feelings destroy everything she’s worked so hard for?”

At .99c for 61 pages, Spy Games is a sweet, thrilling, summer read, featuring F/F love, lust, drugs, and espionage. Sandy has to tread a dangerous path between her paranoid boss and the suspicious, feisty investigator, Gina. Sandy must convince Gina she’s working with, rather than against her. Which of course, she’s not.

I was quickly drawn into the story as Sandy worked her secret agent magic. There are even a few spy tricks, which today’s reader expects to find in every espionage novel. I know I did. And I was surprised by where Sandy hid her secret devices!

Love the idea of a lesbian spy story, Kelly Love, but when are we going to see Stacy Quinn’s final story? I need her HEA. Don’t let me down! 😀


iHeart Kelly Love (again)

Kelly Love (not the Australian fashion designer) has been very busy lately.

Not content with one sweet F/F story, she’s already published a sequel, with a third to follow soon.

I gotta find out what brand of coffee she drinks!

Carnal Sin is her second novella length office-based lesbian romp, which follows on from Carnal Lust.

Carnal sin cover

“Stacy Quinn is falling in love with her boss, Marcy. But trouble arrives in the shape of Josefina, a gorgeous, slender, young woman who bears a stunning resemblance to Marcy’s past lover.
As Josefina and Marcy are brought together to work on a series of high-tech adult toys, Stacy begins to worry as the pair see more of each other than they should. Stacy watches helplessly as they share several passionate moments together whilst testing vibrators.
Will Stacy be pushed aside in favor of the stunning young woman? Or will Stacy fight for her one chance at true love?”

At 15k, Carnal Lust is packed with story and steam, plus a good dose of intrigue. Carnal Sin continues the story, where Stacy Quinn must decide if she wants to throw herself into her boss’s arms, heart and soul, or keep a little of herself aside for her regular bed-friend, Rachel. Once again, the sex is hot, hard and sticky, but Stacy is thrown off-track when the beautiful Josefina walks into her life and provides her boss with a new kind of distraction.

I loved this story of women in love and turmoil, as it mirrors six months of my life in a previous, previous, previous job, and a relationship which didn’t end well. But I have my fingers crossed for Stacy’s HEA. Can’t wait for the next story! 😀


SSS from TBL2

YaiSirichai woman

Today’s Six (seven) Sentence Sunday is an excerpt from the forthcoming ‘The Bucket List (Part Two) – Caught’, soon to be available from SteameReads.

Amber and Lucy are caught in the bed of a department store by a security guard, who immediately threatens to call the police.  Quick-thinking Amber offers him a glimpse of her body, but the guard is greedy for more.

At this point in the story, Amber has submitted to the store guard’s wishes and is partly undressed, having removed her blouse and her bra. BFF Lucy watches in horror as Amber is molested by the guard – his reward for not making the arrest official.


After about thirty seconds of fondling Amber’s breasts, the guard straightened up as if he’d made a decision. 

“Stand up!” he snapped. 

Amber’s shoulders sagged minutely, but she rose to her feet and faced the big guard, who was now standing right in front of her.

“Take off the skirt,” he said. 

Amber complied, moving deliberately slowly, pulling down the short zip and shrugging the skirt off her hips where it slumped to the floor to pool around her ankles. 

“And the knickers – drop them.”

“Amber…” I whispered, my heart sinking into my shoes.



lipstick kiss mini

Cybersex…not practical on the hole.

katje image

Recently, I had my first cybersex experience.

I know, what’s taken me so long?  Why have I only plunged my sticky little digits into it now?

Well, to be truthful, it never really appealed. It seemed a bit like watching pornography, but without the images…or the sound. And there was the trust issue too. How on earth do you know that the other person is really doing what they say they are doing?  As far as I know, they and their twenty drunken friends could be sitting in the pub with a smartphone winding me up as I typed out my gasps and moans.

As for the pay off…it’s still a lot like masturbating to a magazine article. I’d rather lie back in my bed, spread my legs wide and conjure up a fantasy involving sixteen firemen…

But late one Wednesday evening, something extraordinary happened.  I was chatting on Facebook with a lady friend – someone with whom I’d exchanged sexual experiences via email when the urge just came upon me (pun intended). I was still feeling horny from my latest MFF short story and as per my ‘get it done, girl’ rules, I do not allow myself to jill off until I have closed down my laptop and retired to bed. Otherwise, sheesh, I’d have carpal tunnel syndrome and some very chapped lips.

But on this night, my friend and I were chatting privately and the subject got a little steamy…starting with the weather in our respective parts of the world and what we were wearing.

I was still in my light weight bathrobe which hides almost nothing; she was in her jammies. The chat went from there. I told her how horny I was feeling and why and she encouraged me to go right ahead and have some fun. I was so wet that I could barely resist. But once those two favourite fingers touched my slippery flesh, I was lost. Legs parted, my robe fell open and I pinched my nipples mercilessly until I squealed. My fingers circled my nub, slipped inside several times until every digit was shining with wetness.

And during all this, I was relating what I was up to across the world-wide web…one handed. Now, I know that there is a certain element of trust required here, but she told me that she was so turned on by what I had just typed that she had slipped off her jammies and was following suit. She even asked how I was touching myself and did the same.

Masturbation for me normally consists of privacy, a warm bed and my eyes tightly closed as I conjure up a scenario that inevitably ends up as the plot for my next short story. But to touch myself, eyes wide open, whilst typing? It just didn’t seem practical with two (then three) fingers buried inside my intimate parts.  But it turns out that my orgasm was probably delayed by several minutes as a result of the constant tiny interruptions – and was probably twice as nice.

And so, after about fifteen minutes, I had a sticky keyboard, legs in different time zones and a burning need to come. I tried to delay my approaching pleasure, but my fingers paid me no heed, circling and pressing and slipping across my lips until I could stand the denial no longer.  Something kicked off deep within my body and IT WAS HERE!!!

I did the unforgiveable. I went off-line for about three (maybe four minutes) as I finished off with several bucks, my fingers well up to the third knuckle by now and a deep almost cramp-inducing shudder that left me panting and wheezing. ‘Wow’ was the only word I was capable of forming at that point.

The laptop went ‘plink’ as a new message arrived and I realised that I’d been unforgivably rude towards my distant friend. But she laughed, well aware of why I’d disappeared, referring to it as ‘mopping up time’. She continued, with my encouragement, to have fun at her end, using her fingers as I guided her. She found a new way to touch herself in the process and…suddenly went off-line. 😀

I have to admit that it was a novel and heartwarming experience, sharing something like that with a distant friend. We’ve done it once more, but since the second time didn’t have the same forbidden naughtiness as the first, we both felt that there probably won’t be any more.

But I do feel a lot closer to her as a result, because of that shared and unique experience.

lipstick kiss mini

PS Isopropyl alcohol works wonders on sticky keys – it’s available from Radio Shack as wipes or a spray.

SSS from TBL1

unit25 woman

This week’s Six (and a bit) Sentence Sunday is an extract from ‘The Bucket List (Part One)’ – now available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Lucy is standing before a dozen women at an adult toys party.  She’s just had a new type of discreet vibrator inserted into her and a mischievous woman called Sandy now has the remote control in her hand.  After teasing poor Lucy for a few moments, she decides to try out a particular mode on the remote;

Sandy pressed her thumb to one of the buttons and strong, rippling pulses throbbed up through my pussy, making me gasp.

It felt as if something was sliding up inside me, buzzing as it went.

With each rising pulse, I found myself lifting up onto my toes, almost as if my body was instinctively trying to avoid the intrusion.

The next button she pressed added to the sensation, except that this time, the rising pulse was followed by a descending one;  I imagined the tiny vibrator sliding up inside me, then slipping back down again.

It felt like… the next best thing to being fucked without having to spread my legs.

“Ooo… leave it there for a moment, Sandy,” Amber cooed as her hand caressed my upper thigh. “I think she likes that.”

lipstick kiss mini

Writing outside my comfort zone


So, I blogged last week about really putting my foot in it.  Well, I’ve decided to go ahead and write the Gay (M/M) story that I’d been contracted to complete rather than back out of it.

And why not?  The writing experience will be good for me and I might, just might, actually produce something worthwhile.

My (confirmed) gay friend has been very encouraging and has even agreed to beta-read it for me once it’s complete.  Ideally, I’d like to be there when he reads it, but I’m not sure I’d comfortable sitting in the same room as he (if I’ve done a good job) gets aroused by what he reads.  He’s a friend, not a lover.

Not to mention the fact that he’s completely unavailable to me anyway. 😀

Ironic, isn’t it, that my story might get him hard, but my body never could.  Weird.

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SSS from TBL 2

wordvt guard

This week’s Six Sentence Sunday is an extract from my recently-completed novella ‘The Bucket List Part Two – Caught.’

Amber and Lucy have been caught making out in the biggest bed in a large department store.  The Head of Security and his female colleague who catch them have left the BFFs with a simple choice – either wait for the police to come and arrest them for indecency, or co-operate fully with the guard’s instructions – which seem to include taking advantage of the partly-dressed girls.  Lucy, fearing for her career prospects and the damage that an arrest record would do to them, opts for the latter course.

The Head of Security gives his first order;

“I’ve been instructed to undress you, Miss,” the female guard said briskly.

For a brief moment, as she stood before me in her severe uniform, I imagined that I was being readied for a strip-search and that she was a prison warden. 

It could still happen, I realised,  a real strip search – in a real prison…if we don’t do exactly as we’re told. 

I remained still, determined not to co-operate any more than was absolutely necessary as she reached around to my back and unhooked my bra, which slithered off my shoulders and joined my skirt on the floor. 

My hands twitched, ready to cover my exposed breasts, but when the Head of Security glared at me, I let my arms hang limply at my sides. 

The woman dropped to her knees and my knickers ended up around my ankles, leaving me to let out the breath that I’d been holding as cool air wafted over my naked pussy.

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If a man woke up as a woman…


Following on from my last post…

If a man was to wake up one Saturday morning as an adult female, with a timer nearby counting backwards 23:59:44; 23:59:43… (to assure him that it wasn’t permanent) what do you think he would do with his remaining hours?

Think quickly because his time is running out.

Here’s a couple to start you off – and this is purely speculation;

1) He’d immediately strip off his jammies and stare at himself in the bedroom mirror.  Probably for hours.

2) He’d phone the nearest veg shop and get them to send round a corn cob, a cucumber…anything!

3) Once he’d reduced the fruit and veg to a sticky pulp, he’d probably Google the address of the nearest lesbian nightclub.

4) Out would come the camera for a hundred ‘I shot myself’ full-length mirror pics.

and finally….

5) He’d finally succeed in locating that elusive clitoris!

lipstick kiss mini



PS with regard to point 3, I assume he wouldn’t want an ordinary M/F tryst.  I couldn’t imagine ‘her’ wanting to lie beneath a guy.  I may be wrong…

If a woman woke up as a man…


If a woman was to wake up one Saturday morning as an adult male, with a timer nearby counting backwards 23:59:44; 23:59:43… (to assure her that it wasn’t permanent) what do you think she would do with her remaining hours?

Think quickly because her time is running out.


Here’s a couple of thoughts to start you off;

1)  She’d get out of bed immediately and jump up and down to see if a flapping willy felt as ridiculous as it looked.

2) She’d rush to the bathroom and enjoy – just for once – not having to sit down to pee.

3) She’d jog around the house to try to understand how men can even walk with all that tackle getting in the way of their legs.

4) She’d NOT have to spend thirty minutes making herself look nice before going to the store.  Quick shave, brush of the hair and she’d be done!

and finally…

5) She’d get a drill and fix that darn shelf once and for all.

Please feel free to add any others! 😀

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