Wish me luck

Sometime life hits you hard, and a person can imagine that they’ll never be hapy again, that they might never love again.

And yet, fate sometimes throws us a lifeline in the most unexpected way.

Today, I was delivering some paperwork, and I started chatting to a friendly twenty-something woman of Indian descent.

(Not her, but enough like her)

It turned out we have a lot in common, from our families’ origins, to our adherence to (and discarding of) traditional culture. We both suffered a crushing heartbreak, and neither of us is really looking for anybody, but for the first time in a long time, I was able to open up to somebody.

Turns out, she’s also dabbled in writing, although she prefers to read adult stories, whereas I prefer to write them.

Long story short, I offered to send her some of my books. She said no, why I don’t I deliver them on Saturday night.

To her house!

And she’s cooking for me!

I offered to bring dessert, and she accepted.

If nothing else, I think I might have found a kindred spirit. If she turns out to be a soulmate, that’s be amazing.

But a friend would be enough for now.

In other news, My new Wolves of New Hampshire story is progressing well. Provisionally called Shifter’s Legacy, Nadia’s adventures post-Sammenføjning are revealing themselves to me, and the excitement of discovery is growing.

In case you didn’t already know, I’m a confirmed pantser (I only plot the most basic elements of a story), which makes writing extra special for me. The story emerges line by line, which is always an adventure.

The downside of this process is, predictably, I have no real idea how the story will progress.

But that’s the exciting part!


Wish me luck.

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