Stars for The Bucket List (parts One and Two!)

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Julie’s Book review has given TBL (Pt1) 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars! Yay!

Robert Fanshaw has also awarded TBL2 a five rating on Goodreads. *performs a slightly clumsy cartwheel to celebrate*

Thank you both!

Happy days.


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Interview with H.C. Brown


My author interview with H.C. Brown is now live and available to read here.

It coincides nicely with the fact that The Bucket List Part Two (Caught) has now been released! Yay!

It’s available from

and of course from the gorgeous team at SteameReads

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The Bucket List Christmas Special is underway!


I know that it’s only (late) August, but some things take time to put together, so today I have begun work on TBL4, the Christmas Special, for SteameReads.

This one will contain a pleasant (currently secret) surprise for regular SteameReads readers (more of that in future posts).

Lets just say that some familiar faces, as well as some other body parts, may pop up. Amber and Lucy will be there, with Amber leading her BFF astray as always.

It will be Christmas-themed, based around cold evenings, snow and frost and some naughty goings-on (naturally).

More in the coming weeks!

lipstick kiss mini

Gotta rush – I have a novella to write!

Piercings – enough to set my teeth on edge


On Saturday night I spent a few pleasant hours with a buddy of mine – and we ended up exploring each other in a way that was fun – but left me with reservations. Since we’d last been bed-buddies, this person had acquired not one, but two shiny pieces of metal. One went through the nipple (a thought that still makes me cringe…I mean, OW!) and the other…well, let’s just say that I didn’t discover it until I was on my knees.

I’ve encountered pierced tongues whilst kissing  – and it’s always made me step back. I usually hurry on to another part of the body, feigning some sort of eagerness, but on this occasion the tongue was untouched by refined steel and I was able to enjoy it for quite some time.

But I have to admit that I avoided the pierced nipple. After it clattered against my precious enamel a few times, I moved across to the ‘as nature intended’ version and happily let my tongue work its magic. The pierced one was sorely neglected.

It’s not that I have a phobia about piercings, not at all. I just don’t know how to treat the flesh that that’s been skewered to achieved the effect. Is it all right to tug gently on the stainless steel? Flick it, twist it carefully with the tongue?

No, I didn’t dare. I moved smoothly onwards and after a little while, downwards towards the fun place from where pleasant juices emerge.

So imagine my surprise when I removed the last remaining layer of cotton to discover more Borg-like additions. A ring, no less! That was a major dilemma. Normally I like to go in both barrels blazing, coating everything in sight with warm saliva (I’m not getting too graphic here, am I?), but I found myself edging round the new stainless steel, almost afraid to touch it

A) in case it caused my buddy pain and B) because I didn’t want to risk a deep frown from my dentist for the resultant loss of enamel. The whole encounter became somewhat awkward and I think I might have sort of maybe persuaded them to pleasure me instead.  😦

How do you guys treat piercings? Do you use them for an extra thrill? Or do you creep around them as if they were something from ‘Embarrassing Bodies?’ What’s the best way to treat them?

Help, please! I need to know so that I can call my buddy and invite them back for an apology lay.