Cover Reveal! TBL2 is almost ready!


It’s here! I’m pleased to be able to show you the finished cover for TBL2 – Caught. This was created by the same artist who put TBL1’s cover together – and I could give her (or him…I’m not 100% certain) a great big kiss for this effort.

The early mock-ups had a nice tidy bed and no handcuffs, so I was very happy to see the changes – this cover is more in keeping with all the naughty goings-on in TBL2. I love Amber’s (on the right) sultry, calculating expression and Lucy (on the left) looks suitably uncertain of what’s about to happen.

I’m hoping to be able to announce the release date soon – so watch this space.

TBL3 – Flames of Passion  is now completed and has been sent off to SteameReads. I’m already wondering how THAT cover is going to look. Eight naked firemen should make for a sizzling hot cover. 😀

*Scurries away to begin writing TBL4 – Chilled Out.*

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Urgent – 100 guys needed! Who’d go for a gang bang?

This is one for all you guys out there…It’s research for my new novella (The Bucket List – Part Three), so don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t a Facebook bring-one-bring-all party. 🙂

I’d like to hear from at least a hundred guys (just to make the maths simpler) – who would be happy to gang-bang my girl Lucy (the one on the right in the cover picture for TBL1) if there were seven other guys standing in line, waiting their turn to take her?

In fact, some of them may already have been there, so you’d probably be second, third, fourth or even higher on her score card.

This next bit’s for my own curiosity;

Would you be able to perform?

Would you be happy to have other guys watching you?

Would you mind being the eighth guy in line or would that just gross you out?

Would you go round again?

Please add more than just ‘Hell, yeah!’ if you can – it’s all for literature!

Thanks in advance.

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6 Thoughts You Have When Your Period Is Late

Oh-oh…I’m having panicky thoughts. Surely it must have been that spicy food?

Thought Catalog

1. “I am never having sex again.”

You only realize how overrated sex in general is when you might actually have to confront the repercussions it can possibly bring. No matter how hot the sex you had was at the time, you immediately want to retire from the game entirely and spend the rest of your life holding hands, knitting blankets for babies, and being a completely asexual human being. Your brain just goes into “damage control” mode and realizes how your life would be just as good if you never again engaged in a sex act. It’s just not worth it.

2. “I didn’t even have sex, but I’m definitely pregnant.”

And even if you didn’t actually have sex, your batshit-insane brain can’t help but make up some absurd story about how you might have accidentally sat on some dried semen on a subway seat or something horrific like…

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10 Signs Somebody Has A Crush On You

Aka…10 ways to spot your stalker?

Thought Catalog

1. If They Add You On Facebook/Follow You On Twitter RIGHT After You Meet

If you’re looking for a flashing hint that somebody’s 100% definitely interested in you, look no further than social media! Say you’ve just met this impossibly hot person and you were so smitten by them and you can’t wait to have, like, 10,000 of their babies. Don’t even bother exchanging numbers. As soon as you get home, check your Facebook — they’ve already added you as a friend! Or maybe they found you on Twitter and Tweeted something awesome and adorable like “Had the best time with @sunshinegirl11222.” When somebody engages your social media self, that’s when you know they’re interested.

2. If They Are Always Inviting You Out To Do Cool, Amazing Things

The great part about the beginning of new relationships is getting to know each other. And what better way to get to…

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