It’s aliiiive!


I just found ‘The Bucket List Part One’ on Goodreads.

Wow! Wowwowowowowowow!

Darn, that makes me sound like a Yorkshire Terrier!

Anyway, I’m excited (if you couldn’t already tell).

After years of writing naughty stories for first my school friends (they giggled, but always wanted more), then to try to make ends meet, I finally get to see my name up in lights print.

Please note, dear reader, that the book won’t be available until March 1st.  But don’t worry, I will shout it from the rooftops.


lipstick kiss


My new cover

I’ve just received a copy of the cover artwork for my first ‘real’ novella.

*Trembles with excitement*

The Bucket List300dpi (1)

Isn’t it luuuuush?

I think the artist has caught my characters perfectly.  Amber is a devious mocha-coloured wildcat and Lucy is a shy blonde – until she gets horny and then she will party all night with no inhibitions.

I suggested that the editor might consider ‘My Sexy Bucket List’ as an alternative title as Google is literally stuffed with references to ‘The Bucket List’ and I think it would be a better reflection of the contents.

However, she seems happy with the title as it is.

I’m still as happy as a sex addict in an all-male sauna!