Thank you all!! Fifty followers today!

This morning I received the following message from WordPress;

fifty followers

Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to follow my still-evolving style of rambling and random posting.

In the few short months that I’ve been posting my thoughts and excerpts, you’ve been kind with your comments, as well as entertaining.  Who’d have guessed that there were so many like-minded (ie naughty) fellow bloggers around?

I love to read your posts and loook forward to seeing many more in 2013.

Thanks again for making blogging so darn entertaining!

Here’s an extra large Mwuaaaah!

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SSS from TBL1 :)


This weeks Six Sentence Sunday teaser is from my forthcoming novella ‘The Bucket List (Part One) – due for release on March 1st.

Mischevious Amber has volunteered her shy BFF Lucy as the demonstration model at an Adult toys party.  At this point in the story, a large black vibrator has been sprayed with ‘Cat on Heat’ – a stimulant that reacts with vaginal secretions to produce heat and provide Lucy with a more realistic sensation of penetration.  We pick up the story as Amber is slipping the treated vibrator past her friend’s wet lips…


The heated rod that was the black dildo filled me slowly, stretching me and sending pulsing waves of heat through my entire body. 

My eyes fluttered closed and the black Adonis that was fucking me filled my mind’s eye, white teeth smiling gently down on my flushed face. 

He thrust again, filling me until I thought I would burst from the pressure of his massive cock, the swollen head forcing its way past my clenching muscles, rubbing them again and again until they burned with red heat. 

His deep, dark eyes gazed down at me as he shifted his hips back and forth, filling me with his gorgeous, hot cock and I let loose a long, deep groan of appreciation. 

I lifted my legs for him, my heels seeking his back to draw his beautiful shaft deeper into me  but my feet found only empty air. 

The fantasy shattered – my eyes snapped open, revealing an eager circle of impressed women all staring at my wanton body; my exposed wet pussy, now stuffed full of black latex. 

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Zooma and the interview

lipstick heart esrasu

Zooma has been kind enough to say a few words about me and has asked if he could repost my sampler story ‘A little taste of Annie’.

I was happy to chat to him and share a few naughty facts.  As the story has brought me a lot of luck and a good deal of work (as a sampler) I was happy to let it out to fly around the blogsphere.  If you haven’t already seen it, why not pop over to Zooma’s page and have a naughty little read.

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Six Sentence Sunday…TBL2 (Caught)

Image courtesy of porah at stock xchng

The following tease is from the sequel to The Bucket List…provisionally titled Part 2 – Caught.

Amber has lured her shy friend Lucy into a department store, and then persuaded her to try out the largest, softest bed in the store.  Despite her better judgement, Lucy complies but finds Amber pulling Lucy down onto her for a kiss.

But as I drew closer, ready for that long, lingering kiss, Amber’s beautiful eyes widened in horror…she was staring at something behind me – and I wasn’t sure if I dared to look.

“I’m sorry,” Amber whispered hoarsely, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Well, there’s something you don’t see every day,” a male voice said from somewhere behind me. 

A mixture of horror, shock and disappointment coursed through me and I rolled off Amber to face the speaker and his female companion, both of whom were dressed in black trousers and white shirt, complimented by epaulettes and bristling belts.

Still shocked at the sight of them, I suddenly realised that my skirt was still hitched up, my knickers probably on show, but when I moved my hands to tug down the hem, the guard’s nightstick appeared in his hand, pointed directly at my face.

“Stay exactly where you are, Missy!” he roared, making me react so badly that I think I actually wet myself. 

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Six Sentence Sunday – The Bucket List

Minolta DSC

Six Sentence Sunday brings you a short excerpt from ‘The Bucket List Part One’ – to be released on March 1st 2013.

Amber has ordered her BFF Lucy into lingerie and has then blindfolded her with a chiffon scarf.  With earphones in place, Amber leads her shy friend through the house and into the living room where a surprise awaits her;


At that moment, the song that had been playing in my ears came to an end and I became aware of the murmur of voices; my heart sank even as my fear rose. 

I stumbled backwards to where I remembered the door was, but a firm pair of hands in my back stopped me.

“Amber…” I moaned,  “…what’s going on?”

“Just your fondest wish, honey.  Wanna see?”

I felt the pressure of the scarf lifting from the back of my head and I drew in a long, steadying breath to give me strength to face however many hunks of manhood were draped across the furniture. 

What I saw was worse…much worse.

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A Heartfelt Thank You to my followers

I’d just like to say great a big

Thank You

to all you lovely followers for your support.

In the short time I have been blogging, you’ve all been wonderful, supportive and encouraging.  Blogging was something that put the willies up me   made me very nervous, which is why I avoided it for so long.

‘What if they didn’t like me?’ I fretted.  ‘What if I had nothing to say?’ I worried.  ‘What if my book didn’t get picked up?  I’d look so silly.’

But it seems that I’d been fretting needlessly.  You’ve all been lovely – to the extent that this morning, WordPress sent me this;

fifty likes

Thank you all once again.  You have boosted my writing confidence sooo much!


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It’s aliiiive!


I just found ‘The Bucket List Part One’ on Goodreads.

Wow! Wowwowowowowowow!

Darn, that makes me sound like a Yorkshire Terrier!

Anyway, I’m excited (if you couldn’t already tell).

After years of writing naughty stories for first my school friends (they giggled, but always wanted more), then to try to make ends meet, I finally get to see my name up in lights print.

Please note, dear reader, that the book won’t be available until March 1st.  But don’t worry, I will shout it from the rooftops.


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Twenty-five today, and it doesn’t hurt.

arinas74 birthday cake

It’s weird, but I thought that turning 25 would hurt more.

Still, there’s always the hangover the get past…


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Footnote:  Yep, as anticipated…the hangover was as low as the celebrations were high.  I suppose if the two were to be averaged out, it would have made for a pretty ordinary day.  And where would be the fun in that?