What’s love got to do with it?

Okay, I probably read more into my weekend date than I should have, but what’s a broken-hearted girl to do?

The evening went well, we had some fun, laughed a lot, compared notes on the types of stories we liked, and what was wrong with the ones we didn’t, and we ended the evening with a quick kiss and the promise of a new friend and beta reader.

At least I got out of the house for something other than the weekly supermarket shop.

I also came home with several new ideas for erotic stories.

Not trusting my brain one little bit, I typed out some notes on each of the potential stories, and filed them under ‘future projects.’

After that, the only thing I could do was shower alone, and then retire to bed with my favorite latex toy and pretend somebody real was making me happy.

Should I give up on trying to find myself a soul mate?

Fantasising about sexual partners seems to be a more realistic option . . . for now.

In other news, I’m currently half-way through the first story of the new shifter series, which I’ve provisionally called ‘Shifter’s Legacy.’ It’s crammed full of hot sex (too much sex, maybe? Is there such a thing as too much sex?) between main character Nadia and her boyfriend (father to her first-born child), her best friend Laura (although Nadia’s doing her best to resist any girl-girl action), and three shifter champions who earned the right to bed Nadia once a year.

This doesn’t all happen in the same chapter, you understand. That would be too much (see musing notes in the previous paragraph). No, I’ve spread all that sex across four whole chapters, giving the poor reader a moment to catch their breath.

While all this is going on, the fourth book in the new Half-Breed (sci-fi) series is progressing nicely. Aurora has gone all Sarah Connor and is determined to take the fight back to the bad guys, in between seducing random strangers and absorbing their DNA using sex. If you’ve forgotten, Aurora can only suppress her alien physiology and remain (mostly) human by allowing different men to ‘breed’ her on a regular basis.

Oh, and she’s also sleeping with her fiancee’s identical twin.

When Aurora rides, she really rides (wink)!

The gay sideline of my shifter series hasn’t moved along much. I’m still treading carefully through the issue of avoiding any implication of under-age sex. Different parts of the world have very different ideas about what’s legal and what isn’t. Young guys’ urges tend to awaken long before it’s legal to act upon them, and my free-roaming shifters are no exception. But if I made them all over 21 before they saw any action, they’d be too old for an awakening story.

You see my problem . . .

Anyone who has any advice on this issue (apart from ‘drop the whole thing,’ please . . .) leave a comment below and help a struggling writer to figure this out.

Thank you in advance.

Wish me luck

Sometime life hits you hard, and a person can imagine that they’ll never be hapy again, that they might never love again.

And yet, fate sometimes throws us a lifeline in the most unexpected way.

Today, I was delivering some paperwork, and I started chatting to a friendly twenty-something woman of Indian descent.

(Not her, but enough like her)

It turned out we have a lot in common, from our families’ origins, to our adherence to (and discarding of) traditional culture. We both suffered a crushing heartbreak, and neither of us is really looking for anybody, but for the first time in a long time, I was able to open up to somebody.

Turns out, she’s also dabbled in writing, although she prefers to read adult stories, whereas I prefer to write them.

Long story short, I offered to send her some of my books. She said no, why I don’t I deliver them on Saturday night.

To her house!

And she’s cooking for me!

I offered to bring dessert, and she accepted.

If nothing else, I think I might have found a kindred spirit. If she turns out to be a soulmate, that’s be amazing.

But a friend would be enough for now.

In other news, My new Wolves of New Hampshire story is progressing well. Provisionally called Shifter’s Legacy, Nadia’s adventures post-SammenfĂžjning are revealing themselves to me, and the excitement of discovery is growing.

In case you didn’t already know, I’m a confirmed pantser (I only plot the most basic elements of a story), which makes writing extra special for me. The story emerges line by line, which is always an adventure.

The downside of this process is, predictably, I have no real idea how the story will progress.

But that’s the exciting part!


Wish me luck.

Chasing my Mojo

A few days ago, I vowed to plunge back into my writing, in order to purge the pain from my heart.

It kinda worked.

I still cry myself to sleep most nights, and struggle to watch anything even remotely sentimental on TV, but my Muse has drifted back into my life, one hand on my shoulder as I thrash out ideas on the computer. Okay, there isn’t much thrashing going on. It’s more of a quiet mulling, but dramatic licence exists for a reason, right?

Anyway, I started two new stories this weekend, both of them set in the shifter forests of New Hampshire. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll quickly spot The Wolves of New Hampshire series, a story where an ordinary city girl called Nadia is abruptly plunged into the intense competititive world of male shifters who have little to no contact with the outside world.

The Progenitors

Naturally, the men are naked (forest rules apply. This ain’t Twilight), and Nadia finds herself drawn into a forbidden relationship with a young shifter, as well being pulled into an intense girl-girl romance.

What? None of my stories are 100% straight. They all blur the boundaries to some degree. Gay men experiment with women (usually unsuccessfully), straight women sleep with other women, and all my transgender characters have fluid relationships.

Back to the shifter story.

With six stories already written, and the Happy Ever After in place, I was suddenly inspired to write the next part of Nadia’s adventure, which opens with a three-guy gang bang and her cuckolded lover. Nothing like plunging straight in, right. A good policy for a sexy story, not so much fun in real life, right girls? I always prefer foreplay or plenty of lube for an abrupt plunge.

(That goes for guy-guy action too, by the way).

Anyway, there’s already plenty of sex, a theme which should continue throughout the new series, however many books it turns into (probably four, but we’ll see).

In addition to the above shenanigans, I was also inspired to write a parallel story, which is a gay adventure romance, and takes place alongside the original Wolves of New Hampshire stories.

With so many guys in the forest, and so few women, a young man has to find love somewhere, right? So two of them, with occasional input from their pack-mates, will enjoy secretive (at first) gay sex and love in the forest while the events of Nadia’s story play out in the background.

Something for everyone, and a chance to expand my shifter universe along two different threads.

Watch this space for updates.


Writing has become my solace, offering a quanta of comfort, and a whole heap of distraction from my . . . from . . .

No. I’m not even going to think about that which ails me.

I put all that behind me in my previous post, and that’s where I want it to stay – in the past.

So, it’s head down and write, write, and write.

New story ideas and old projects I’d promised to revisit are my new love.

Yes, our relationship won’t be perfect. There’s likely to be tears and disappointment, but there’s also going to satisfaction, and maybe some joy along the way.

This girl is on fire.