SSS from TBL1

unit25 woman

This week’s Six (and a bit) Sentence Sunday is an extract from ‘The Bucket List (Part One)’ – now available from and

Lucy is standing before a dozen women at an adult toys party.  She’s just had a new type of discreet vibrator inserted into her and a mischievous woman called Sandy now has the remote control in her hand.  After teasing poor Lucy for a few moments, she decides to try out a particular mode on the remote;

Sandy pressed her thumb to one of the buttons and strong, rippling pulses throbbed up through my pussy, making me gasp.

It felt as if something was sliding up inside me, buzzing as it went.

With each rising pulse, I found myself lifting up onto my toes, almost as if my body was instinctively trying to avoid the intrusion.

The next button she pressed added to the sensation, except that this time, the rising pulse was followed by a descending one;  I imagined the tiny vibrator sliding up inside me, then slipping back down again.

It felt like… the next best thing to being fucked without having to spread my legs.

“Ooo… leave it there for a moment, Sandy,” Amber cooed as her hand caressed my upper thigh. “I think she likes that.”

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