New release! My male Succubus has arrived.

You’re probably wondering about the headline already. For those of you who aren’t sure, a female soul collector is a Succubus, whilst a male collector is normally an Incubus.

Oops, I was naughty, and mixed things up a bit. I used a tiny bit of artistic licence, because while Sam Driver has been sent back from Hell as an Incubus to collect womens souls during the process of seduction, his intitial attempts fell short of his Demon-master’s standards.

However, he proved fairly successful at collecting male life-energy, discovering his talent during a wild threesome. His Demon offered him a chance to prove his worth and Sam, being an open minded sort, decided ‘why not?’ So he was reclassified as a male Succubus.

Soul Collector‘ is a paranormal fantasy, largely M/M, but with a bisexual touch.


Samuel Driver died in 1973, a fairly successful career criminal and modest bad guy. He quickly landed in Hell, but his refusal to accept an eternity of suffering brings him to the attention of Asmodeus, a three-headed demon, who recognises Sam’s potential and proposes a deal. Asmodeus offers Sam special shape-shifting powers, to be used in the seduction of women on Earth. Sam must bring them sexual pleasure and Asmodeus will watch closely, ready to suck away part of the women’s life energy during the throes of passion.

Sam accepts the proposal, but finds the task more difficult than anticipated, failing to acquire any energy at all during his first week on Earth. Asmodeus is less than impressed and threatens to return Sam to Hell if he fails again. But before he sends Sam away, he concedes that Sam would have had some success at seducing men, if only he hadn’t sabotaged his own efforts. Men, it seems, release double the sexual energy of women.

Armed with this knowledge, Sam changes tack and successfully beds and seduces two men in the same afternoon, draining them both and earning himself the unique title of Male Succubus, seducer of men.  

Soul Collector‘ is the third of my new stories and part one of the ‘Memoirs’ series. Watch this space for more of Sam Driver’s adventures!

Oh, and you may want to peek at my other stories, ‘The Progenitors‘ and ‘Half-Breed,’ both part ones. ❤


‘Half-Breed’ Release Day


The first story in the ‘Dark Horse’ series has hit the virtual bookshelves at Luminosity.


Half-Breed is the Pilot episode of my new Dark Horse series. It follows the adventures of Aurora Silvestre,  a reluctant kick-ass heroine, who is struggling to maintain the appearance of a human woman as she works behind a bar in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The price she must pay for her humanity is to mate regularly with men, which stabilises her DNA (and allows for plenty of sexy adventures with the men of Quincy). If she fails to have sex every four days, the aggressive alien genome within Aurora will surface and wipe away every trace of her humanity, exposing her to a mistrustful America.

But her secret is out. Someone in authority is on her case.

But what will he do with the information?

Read about Aurora’s adventures in the first book now.



A reawakening – new novellas emerging

Following the closure of my first-ever publisher, SteameReads, my Bucket List series (six novellas strong) has been looking for a new home.

The Bucket List1 lost2

In the meantime, I’ve been super-busy, ghostwriting erotic novellas at the rate of two per week. Not all of these disappear into the ether with someone else’s name on, however. A few, only a few, remain mine.

These are the precious stories which, as they take shape, cling to my mind wailing ‘we’re yours, don’t send us away.’

Well, I couldn’t, could I? Not after that.

Such a story is ‘The Progenitors.’

title banner tease

In such a case, the client gets a simpler version of the (rapidly-expanding) story, something quite different. But at its heart, it contains the same requirements, so the contract is fulfilled. As a bonus, I end up with something quite wonderful, which is a story with the potential for a series.

Born from an original request for a MMF erotic story involving shape-shifting wolves, I tried to find a new angle on this very popular, and much-covered genre.

I hope I’ve done it justice. 🙂

Due for release on June 11th 2015, The Progenitors is the first in the proposed ‘Wolves of New Hampshire’ series.

I’ll be sending out ARCs to my trusted betas soon. If you’re a bona-fide reviewer, and you’d be interested in featuring the story, please let me know in the comments below.

Please note: I’m only permitted to release a limited number of ARCs, and only to publisher-approved reviewers, so I’ll have to be choosy.

Watch this space for more new novellas (I have more!). 😀




Five stars for ‘Flames of Passion’


I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that ‘Flames of Passion’ has already received its first five-star review!

Woot! (Is that the right word?) 😀

This is the third story in ‘The Bucket List’ series. Amber is up to her old tricks and poor Lucy is on the receiving end once again.

Or is she?

Is Lucy so suspicious that she is even dreaming about being manipulated by her friend? Perhaps she’s just had too much wine and cheese. That would certainly explain why eight naked fireman are standing round Lucy’s bed, offering to carry her from the smoke-filled house and massage her flame-dried skin whilst delivering warm oxygen directly from a fireman’s lips.

Pick up a copy of ‘Flames of Passion’ (over 18s only) and decide for yourself. But be sure to wear gloves – this book is rated as hot, hot, hot!

lipstick kiss mini

My first M/M novella is complete!

my house is on fire

I know I told you that I completed my first ever M/M short story a few months back, but I have now broken my duck in regards to M/M novellas! My first 15k M/M romance / erotic novella in now finished and ready to send off.

What a journey that was! If you were to ask me if I found this to be outside my comfort zone, I would answer yes. If you were to ask me if this was outside my own experiences, I would answer yes.

I’ve sent a copy off to my friendly gay readers, guys who have guided me in the past with other work and I hope to hear back from them soon.  Hopefully I will have described all the anatomical details correctly.  They did correct me on a couple of details last time, things I couldn’t possibly have known (but that’s one of the hazards of this type of project, isn’t it?), but these pointers have served me well this time around.

For  anyone who’s interested, I will reveal more when the completed story is resting on a desktop at SteameReads, but for now, I am going to celebrate with a hot bath, a small glass of red and perhaps give myself a ‘little reward’ for having finished…

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Is it just me that takes notes during sex?

imagerymajestic freedigitalphotos

From that title, you’re probably imagining me lying underneath a guy with a spiral notebook in my hand.

That’s just silly… my handwriting would be too shaky to read afterwards.

So what happened was this;

I was on the bed, beneath a lovely young guy and we were seconds away from penetration. He was hard and wet. I was ready and eager for him.

And then, instead of sliding into me, he points his most precious part downwards and begins slipping it across my wet skin and down between my cheeks.

It was odd – but it felt lovely. I thought ‘This is a new one for me… I must get Lucy or Amber to do this.’

I suddenly realised that I was actually memorising the position of his body, how far my legs were drawn up, how hard I was breathing as he moved on me and exactly how it felt to be exo-humped.

Am I the only one who takes mental notes during sex, or do a lot of women writers look for new ideas whilst between the sheets?

Please tell me I’m not alone in this…


Concerned, Annie


My contribution to The Community Storyboard’s erotica week.

freedigitalphotos sms

Last night I read through the erotic submissions of several authors on The Community Storyboard.

I got more than a little turned on and decided, after a little encouragement from another blogger, to submit something myself. It’s a little rough and ready because I wrote it whilst sitting in a quiet corner of a hotel restaurant, but it’s already gathered a few likes.

Only 1500 words long (submission guidelines), it’s probably the shortest piece of erotica I’ve written since I was at school, but it was fun putting it together.

So much fun that I like to think that I earned my little lights-out release beneath the sheets. 🙂

It’s now up on The Community Storyboard.

Why not drop in? You might see something else that you like! 😉

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TBL2′s big blog tour (Day Eight) with Tawania


This week, Amber and Lucy are going on a virtual tour of the internet, courtesy of CBLS Promotions who are organising the entire shindig. Thanks guys!

Today’s blog stop is Wicked Readings

Please stop by and say hello to Tawania, who has been kind enough to play host for today.  You may see something else you like.

Gotta go before Amber and Lucy get themselves into trouble.

Oops…too late!

Waaay too late. I think I may have to call security.  Aaaaand so the story begins! 😉

The call has already been made, by the sound of things.

Please note that that today’s excerpt differs slightly from the finished publication. I had to tone down some of the ‘rough stuff’ due to concerns regarding non-cons sex. The story remains the same, but some of the edges have been smoothed, shall we say. Rather like applying a pumice stone…

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Double Whammy, bammy, thank you…etc


Well, the Christmas special of The Bucket List (Part Four – Chilled Out) is now complete and is having a wee rest before the final read-through. As promised there is a little surprise in there for readers of other SteameReads stories. I’m not going to say any more at this time *winks*

Chilled Out reprises some of the characters who have appeared in earlier Bucket List stories and may even contain a new romantic thread for poor Lucy…

It still feels a little strange to be writing a Christmas special in September. But I guess actors have to do this sort of thing all the time…

On another note, SteameReads have asked if I would like to try my hand at some M/M stories, so this week I borrowed the (fire fighting) cast of TBL3 ‘Flames of Passion’ and penned the first 1600 words. I like the way its developing, so watch this space!

my house is on fire

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