Released today: Broken Promise

Needs must as the devil drives.

(Book #5 in the Memoirs of a Male Succubus series, a 26,000 word paranormal gay romance)

Samuel Driver was a thug, a thief, and a career criminal—until the moment he got himself killed. His violent escapades guaranteed him a place in Hell, but his fighting spirit earned him a reprieve, and a chance to walk the Earth once again.

Contracted to become a male Succubus—a reaper of human life forces—Sam discovers a hidden talent for seducing men. He becomes so proficient, his demonic caseworker singles him out for a series of special tasks, which promise to improve the conditions of Sam’s demonic contract.

But when Sam’s shapeshifting abilities are compromised, he faces difficult choices in his career as a Succubus, and in his love life. Trapped in a single form, how can he continue his stealthy pursuit of human life force, and how can he hold onto the man he loves when his face has become that of a stranger’s?

Reader Beware: This story will plunge you into the world of gay orgies as orchestrated by those who would profit from the pleasure of others. Could be fun.

Luminosity Publishing

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New Release – Alien Encounter

This is the first story in the Shifting Moons series, a near-future erotica novella centring around humanity’s third mission to Mars.

Mankind’s fascination with Mars is about to take on a brand-new twist.

Three months after all contact is lost with a previous mission, NASA scrambles together a brand-new crew and launch their proposed relief mission sixteen months early in an attempt to solve the mystery.

But the peculiar crew dynamic quickly leads to a constantly-changing set of relationships, where sharing becomes normal, as does group and bisexual activity.

Flight Engineer Will Carmichael suspects the crew’s mixture of tastes, as well as the inclusion of NASA’s first transgender astronaut, has been deliberately orchestrated.

But what could possibly be gained from such a diverse spectrum of preferences?

READER ADVISORY: If you are offended by the idea of six astronauts having frequent and messy sex with men, women, and transgenders . . . at least tell your friends. They might love it!

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