Annie’s random thought…

pen note

It occurred to me today that making love with another woman is like having  strawberries and cream for all three lunch courses.

Delicious, extravagant and tinged with a little guilt.

Making love with a man is like having a nice starter (hopefully), followed by sirloin steak, potatoes and hearty vegetables.

Deeply filling and quite often it satisfies for  days…

But strawberries leave a tingle on the tongue that you remember forever.

lipstick kiss

Deliciously distracting…

My hotmail account keeps throwing up the same advert in the sidebar every twenty seconds.

mya pic

I wish they wouldn’t.

I know this is very likely to be a narrowed, Photoshopped and highly unrealistic image that simply serves to perpetuate the myth that women covet this body shape…

But isn’t she just deliciously distracting?

*Sighs and tries to get back to reading emails from my publisher.*

I’d completely lost my thread, so I had to re-read the email.  My publisher tells me that…

*Glances at image that pops up twenty seconds later and sighs again.*

Maybe I will write a story around this experience…


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Sequel to The Bucket List

silk sheets

Following on from the apparent success of ‘The Bucket List Part I’, today I begin work on ‘Part 2’.

The story will once again feature the delicious wildcat Amber and shy-until-horny Lucy.

Amber still has Lucy’s sexy wish-list (created one wine-soaked evening) hidden away and has organised another little surprise for her flatmate and BFF…

I’ll post a little extract as soon as I’m able…


lipstick kiss

My new cover

I’ve just received a copy of the cover artwork for my first ‘real’ novella.

*Trembles with excitement*

The Bucket List300dpi (1)

Isn’t it luuuuush?

I think the artist has caught my characters perfectly.  Amber is a devious mocha-coloured wildcat and Lucy is a shy blonde – until she gets horny and then she will party all night with no inhibitions.

I suggested that the editor might consider ‘My Sexy Bucket List’ as an alternative title as Google is literally stuffed with references to ‘The Bucket List’ and I think it would be a better reflection of the contents.

However, she seems happy with the title as it is.

I’m still as happy as a sex addict in an all-male sauna!



My first real story…

feathered quill

I’ve been writing erotica for quite some time now, ghostwriting a series of short stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length.

But I’ve just completed a longer project – a 15,000 novella with the working title of ‘The Bucket List’.

I’ve also provisionally tagged it as ‘Part One’ in the hope that the publisher will be interested in publishing further stories involving the same characters, my delicious mocha-skinned Amber and her girlfriend Lucy.

That’s girl friend as opposed to girlfriend, although they are very close. *Winks*

The Bucket List story / stories feature a ‘do before we die’ list that was created one wine-soaked night by the two girls, although Lucy had since forgotten all about it.

But Amber hadn’t.  She uses the list to prepare (in the first book) a surprise based  on the list;

“You remember number seven?” Amber whispered.  I [Lucy] frowned, trying to remember the nonsense we’d penned whilst giggling over the glasses of red. 

“Having sex whilst skydiving?” I guessed.

“No, silly,” Amber chuckled.  “Acting as the demonstration model at a vibrator party.”

And so the story unfolds;

lipstick kiss