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I’m Annie and I love to write erotic stories.  I’d been penning naughty tales since I hit puberty (and I hit it hard!) for my girlfriends – just to make them giggle (or blush in some cases), but I got a real thrill (not to mention wet underwear) from imagining what went on between a boy and a girl.

Then I had my first boyfriend and I realised what nonsense I’d been writing…

So, determined to improve my little tales, I kind of went on a bit of a bender, so to speak, and accumulated a lot of material for this new generation of sexy stories.  My mother (bless her) would have called it promiscuity. 

I called it research.

After losing my job from a well-known North-East Estate Agents for daydreaming too much, I managed to get some work being nice to gentlemen in the evenings.  It was hard work, sometimes fun, sometimes thoroughly unpleasant.

I didn’t think of England back then – I thought up new stories. The experience really fired up my imagination.

Nowadays I still have a day job, but I spend the rest of the time ghostwriting erotic stories.

And now I’m thrilled to announce that a series of novellas have now been released under my own name!

The Bucket List follows BFFs Amber and Lucy as they bring their sexy wish-list to life. Actually, Amber is bringing it to life, but not telling Lucy until she’s in the thick of it…something that doesn’t always go down well. 🙂

Watch this space for other stories!



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Inspired by Miss Four Eyes.

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  1. Holy cow! Thank you for following me,what an honor. The best part is i now can get to read your works. Thank you so much.

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