Thank you all!! Fifty followers today!

This morning I received the following message from WordPress;

fifty followers

Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to follow my still-evolving style of rambling and random posting.

In the few short months that I’ve been posting my thoughts and excerpts, you’ve been kind with your comments, as well as entertaining.  Who’d have guessed that there were so many like-minded (ie naughty) fellow bloggers around?

I love to read your posts and loook forward to seeing many more in 2013.

Thanks again for making blogging so darn entertaining!

Here’s an extra large Mwuaaaah!

lipstick kiss


A Heartfelt Thank You to my followers

I’d just like to say great a big

Thank You

to all you lovely followers for your support.

In the short time I have been blogging, you’ve all been wonderful, supportive and encouraging.  Blogging was something that put the willies up me   made me very nervous, which is why I avoided it for so long.

‘What if they didn’t like me?’ I fretted.  ‘What if I had nothing to say?’ I worried.  ‘What if my book didn’t get picked up?  I’d look so silly.’

But it seems that I’d been fretting needlessly.  You’ve all been lovely – to the extent that this morning, WordPress sent me this;

fifty likes

Thank you all once again.  You have boosted my writing confidence sooo much!


lipstick kiss