Six Sentence Sunday – The Bucket List

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Six Sentence Sunday brings you a short excerpt from ‘The Bucket List Part One’ – to be released on March 1st 2013.

Amber has ordered her BFF Lucy into lingerie and has then blindfolded her with a chiffon scarf.  With earphones in place, Amber leads her shy friend through the house and into the living room where a surprise awaits her;


At that moment, the song that had been playing in my ears came to an end and I became aware of the murmur of voices; my heart sank even as my fear rose. 

I stumbled backwards to where I remembered the door was, but a firm pair of hands in my back stopped me.

“Amber…” I moaned,  “…what’s going on?”

“Just your fondest wish, honey.  Wanna see?”

I felt the pressure of the scarf lifting from the back of my head and I drew in a long, steadying breath to give me strength to face however many hunks of manhood were draped across the furniture. 

What I saw was worse…much worse.

lipstick kiss




8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – The Bucket List

    • Thank you honey!
      I find that first person pov brings a unique intensity to a story – one that third person just can’t match. Of course, it may be a little confusing if you are reading a female POV as a guy!

      • Well, to an extent. But I’ve written a couple of stories from the female pov. As a matter of fact, my current works in progress have females as their main characters.

        Good luck!

      • Really, oh you’re an angel! *jumps in joyful jubilation*

        I’ve been looking for a beta reader for a long time now. Have you checked my blog yet? There is an excerpt of my erotic thriller.

        Now, how do I contact you?

        Or better, if you’re not comfortable displaying it, here is mine:

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