SSS from TBL1

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I smiled as I gazed at the items I’d laid out on the bed before I’d gone for my shower in the en-suite.

Stockings, black balcony bra with matching thong, and three-inch heels – plus a sheer black robe that would allow me to draw a thin veil across my near-nudity, but it definitely wouldn’t leave much to the imagination.

I wondered what Amber was planning and felt a small thrill of fear – my friend of ten years was wild and prone to reckless adventures that bordered on the downright dangerous.

And yet I’d always survived; we’d spend the next few weeks laughing about whatever we’d been up to and Amber had cajoled me into admitting that it had all been a huge thrill.

And so she’d do it all over again, almost terrifying me with her daring, dragging me into her erotic adventures until I was drowning in shared pleasures with any number of participants, half-afraid that it would never stop, yet desperate for it to never end.

I suspected that tonight was going to be another one of those nights and I shivered, as I always did, at the idea of being desired and touched by complete strangers.

(An extract from The Bucket List Part One, page one)

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Engage reverse gear…


As I neared the end of The Bucket List (Part Two), I found myself stumbling over the conclusion.  As a self-confessed Pantser, I plan very little in my tales other than the beginning, the end and a few essential events that must take place somewhere in the story.

This method has served me well so far, but over the past week, it’s given me a few headaches.

I’ve found myself, on two occasions, writing my characters into positions that have proved difficult to get out of.  And if you know my stories, you’ll know that when I say positions, I am talking literally.

So I’ve had to engage reverse gear and ask the characters to back up and assume their previous positions, then move into new ones.  There’s an awkward silence as they stare at me.  I can hear them thinking ‘You put us into this situation.  What are you playing at – changing your mind mid-flow?’

It’s just that, having written them into the story so far, I can’t quite bring myself to simply ‘delete’ what they’ve already done.

I feel like a mid-range director who is asking A-list actors to stop what they’re doing and go back two pages.

Am I too far into the character’s heads – am I giving them too much respect?  Should I just be tough and wipe out their errors and rewrite their lives?

Has anyone else had to ‘rewind’ their characters and reposition them because it wasn’t working – or is that just me? 😀

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Six Sentence Sunday…TBL2 (Caught)

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The following tease is from the sequel to The Bucket List…provisionally titled Part 2 – Caught.

Amber has lured her shy friend Lucy into a department store, and then persuaded her to try out the largest, softest bed in the store.  Despite her better judgement, Lucy complies but finds Amber pulling Lucy down onto her for a kiss.

But as I drew closer, ready for that long, lingering kiss, Amber’s beautiful eyes widened in horror…she was staring at something behind me – and I wasn’t sure if I dared to look.

“I’m sorry,” Amber whispered hoarsely, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Well, there’s something you don’t see every day,” a male voice said from somewhere behind me. 

A mixture of horror, shock and disappointment coursed through me and I rolled off Amber to face the speaker and his female companion, both of whom were dressed in black trousers and white shirt, complimented by epaulettes and bristling belts.

Still shocked at the sight of them, I suddenly realised that my skirt was still hitched up, my knickers probably on show, but when I moved my hands to tug down the hem, the guard’s nightstick appeared in his hand, pointed directly at my face.

“Stay exactly where you are, Missy!” he roared, making me react so badly that I think I actually wet myself. 

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Six Sentence Sunday – The Bucket List

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Six Sentence Sunday brings you a short excerpt from ‘The Bucket List Part One’ – to be released on March 1st 2013.

Amber has ordered her BFF Lucy into lingerie and has then blindfolded her with a chiffon scarf.  With earphones in place, Amber leads her shy friend through the house and into the living room where a surprise awaits her;


At that moment, the song that had been playing in my ears came to an end and I became aware of the murmur of voices; my heart sank even as my fear rose. 

I stumbled backwards to where I remembered the door was, but a firm pair of hands in my back stopped me.

“Amber…” I moaned,  “…what’s going on?”

“Just your fondest wish, honey.  Wanna see?”

I felt the pressure of the scarf lifting from the back of my head and I drew in a long, steadying breath to give me strength to face however many hunks of manhood were draped across the furniture. 

What I saw was worse…much worse.

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Sequel to The Bucket List

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Following on from the apparent success of ‘The Bucket List Part I’, today I begin work on ‘Part 2’.

The story will once again feature the delicious wildcat Amber and shy-until-horny Lucy.

Amber still has Lucy’s sexy wish-list (created one wine-soaked evening) hidden away and has organised another little surprise for her flatmate and BFF…

I’ll post a little extract as soon as I’m able…


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