New title release – Hard Lessons

I’m thrilled to announce the release of ‘Hard Lessons,’ a new short story, and the first in a new series entitled ‘The Dungeon.’


Angie Henderson has worked as a security guard since she left college, gaining experience in the local mall with her dedicated colleagues. When she hears about an opening for a female security officer at The Dungeon, the low-key underground adult playground, she is eager to move across, hoping to add a little spice to her life.

 But Angie learns that The Dungeon contains dangers she never imagined. While the customers are generally trouble-free, temptation lurks around every corner—a temptation her new employers have forbidden to her.

 Can she resist the daily lure of naked flesh? Would she dare risk her new job for the sake of short-lived pleasure?

Hard Lessons is a short story that combines mild consensual BDSM and erotic menages, and is the first of a series of adventures for Angie, newly employed by brothers Sam and Daniel as part of The Dungeon’s female security team.

Every night, all around her, men and women enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, but employee Angie is forbidden to join them.

Can she resist temptation?

Would you be able to?

I’m not sure I would.:D




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