Soul Collector – the relaunch

It’s not often that my short stories don’t hit the mark, but when it happens, I’m compelled to fix it.


It seems that bisexual adventures aren’t as popular as gay or FM stories, so Soul Collector has been rewritten as a gay adventure, with a very brief foray as Samuel tries in vain to fulfil his contract as an Incubus.

Samuel Driver had been a thug, a thief and a career criminal—until the moment he got killed. His violent escapades secured him a place in Hell. But his fighting spirit earned him a reprieve, and a chance to walk the Earth once again.

Contracted to become an Incubus—a seducer of women and reaper of their life forces—Sam did his best to fulfil his hellish contract, but after a string of failures, he faced a return to Hell and an eternity of suffering. But when he learned about double points—the notion that seducing men was more lucrative than seducing women—his prospects brightened.

Armed with shape-shifting abilities, Sam quickly became a reaper of masculine energy and earned himself the unique title of Male Succubus. 

The cover has received a rework as well, with the female character fading into the flaming background (sorry, ladies, but she had to go).

The new and reworked Soul Collector will be released by Luminosity on April 27th.

Also, coming soon, a second Wolves of New Hampshire, a second Dark Horse and Jet-Set Billionaire, the first in my new high-flying billionaire menage series. 😀


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