Release day has arrived!


The first story in the new Wolves of New Hampshire will be released today.

“When Nadia St. John applies for the position of secretary at an outdoor adventure center in New Hampshire, she has little idea of the activities that take place at the isolated lodge, or of its convoluted and bloody history.

A mysterious package, delivered on a stormy night by a half-dressed boy, tantalizes her with clues about her past, and her family’s disappearance fifteen years ago. Will the self-styled Sean Ireland, center manager, protect her from her past, or force her to confront it?”


Fifty years ago, a delicate truce was formed between three of the largest packs of shape-shifters in New Hampshire, ending centuries of bloodshed. Nadia St. John’s grandmother brought together the three packs by mating with all three Alphas. Their progeny, three sons and a daughter, would grow up to become the new leaders and mother to the next generation. But would every generation be willing to accept their destiny?

title banner tease

Love, lust, shape-shifting and moonlight trysts, The Progenitors is Nadia’s first adventure in the New Hampshire forests.  More adventures will soon follow! 😀


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