Is it just me that takes notes during sex?

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From that title, you’re probably imagining me lying underneath a guy with a spiral notebook in my hand.

That’s just silly… my handwriting would be too shaky to read afterwards.

So what happened was this;

I was on the bed, beneath a lovely young guy and we were seconds away from penetration. He was hard and wet. I was ready and eager for him.

And then, instead of sliding into me, he points his most precious part downwards and begins slipping it across my wet skin and down between my cheeks.

It was odd – but it felt lovely. I thought ‘This is a new one for me… I must get Lucy or Amber to do this.’

I suddenly realised that I was actually memorising the position of his body, how far my legs were drawn up, how hard I was breathing as he moved on me and exactly how it felt to be exo-humped.

Am I the only one who takes mental notes during sex, or do a lot of women writers look for new ideas whilst between the sheets?

Please tell me I’m not alone in this…


Concerned, Annie



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