TBL2′s big blog tour (Day Six). It’s all about the romance!


This week, Amber and Lucy are going on a virtual tour of the internet, courtesy of CBLS Promotions who are organising the entire shindig. Thanks guys!

Today’s blog stop is It’s All About the Romance!

Please stop by and say hello to everyone, as they have been kind enough to play host for today.  You may see something else you like.

Gotta go before Amber and Lucy get themselves into trouble.

Oops…too late!

Waaay too late. I think I may have to call security.  Aaaaand so the story begins! 😉

The call has already been made, by the sound of things.

Please note that that today’s excerpt differs slightly from the finished publication. I had to tone down some of the ‘rough stuff’ due to concerns regarding non-cons sex. The story remains the same, but some of the edges have been smoothed, shall we say. Rather like applying a pumice stone…

lipstick kiss mini



PS: Previous Blog Stops;

Sept 4th was Brianna’s Bookshelf

Sept 5th was Coffee Beans and Love Scenes.

Sept 6th was BookwormBridgette’s World

Sept 7th was Bunny’s Book Reviews

Sept 8th was Crystal’s Many ReviewsFor the Love of Bookends and Literary Nook

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