Making Sense Out of Fiction

Sorry, but I just found this funny. Cynicism is sad…but the article is cool

Sad. Funny. Truthful.

A friend of mine showed me an article where the author developed something he called “the pixar theory”. The theory tries to explain how every pixar movie is within the same universe and are all connected. To me, that is a perfect example of someone with way too much time on the hands and trying way too hard to earn people’s approval of his intelligence.

So you can chain together similarities between all the movies, big whop.You know what else is similar between all the movies? They’re all animated with computers, they’re all the stories born from human imagination, and they’re all fiction. Fiction means that it’s not real, which means that ANYTHING can happen. If anything can happen, then you can explain anything you want, as long as you want to.

As a creator of stories and things, I like to throw in cameos from my other works…

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3 thoughts on “Making Sense Out of Fiction

    • I enjoyed reading it – there seemed to be a sad resignation to the words…like ‘why do people even bother to study these things?’

      I share your cynicism on the subject, for what it’s worth. Keep poking fun at those who get above themselves. 🙂

      PS I loved the captions 😀

      • I’m glad you enjoyed the article and the captions. It’s sad how quickly I lose motivation and how much I crave the constant approval of others. I’ll be sure to keep pointing out the stupidity of myself and those unfortunate enough to cross my path.

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