What IS IT with sex?

filipes sleeping


I don’t know if it’s just me, or if anyone else can relate to the unfairness of sex. I spent last night in the pleasant company of two bisexual guys and we all had a great deal of fun – three ways.

This experience was partly research for a new short story idea, and partly to ease an ache to be filled (you know what I mean, right ladies?). No-one can say that I’m not committed to my art. πŸ˜€

I wanted to get the low-down on how guys fuck (each other) and I was surprised by a couple of things that I thought I knew – but clearly didn’t!

At some point during their demonstration I found that I was so turned on by their fucking that I couldn’t help but gravitate towards the bed – and found myself getting fully involved with both of them.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was appalled to find that an hour or after having had a thoroughly pleasant time with these guys (and reaching the point where I had to wheeze ‘stop – please!’) that I retained no sensation of the evening’s activities at all.

Nothing. Even the warm glow in my tummy had faded.

Sure, this morning my thighs and my butt cheeks ached (I was trying to be uncharacteristically flexible in order to try out ALL the positions), but if last night had been a drunken haze, then this morning I could NOT have been certain that anything other than some light gymnastics or some over-enthusiastic dancing had taken place.

What the hell?Β  Where’s the lasting afterglow?Β  Where’s the week-long ‘ahhhh’ that should follow sex? It’s as if my body has just shrugged and said ‘right, now let’s get on with the day.’

What am I doing wrong?Β  Am I being too vanillaΒ  (Hello…threesome?Β  Bi-guys in all three…ahem…too much info)?

No, I’m sorry, it’s just not good enough.Β  Mother Nature, I want a word with you! I want a memento of last night’s undignified hammering where I got nailed…um…damn it, I can’t even remember how many times!


lipstick kiss mini

STOP PRESS; I was showering a couple of hours later and realised that my nipples were unusually tender from the rough treatment they’d received.

BIG DEAL! I could’ve gotten the same sensation from jogging round the park in a cheap bra…

22 thoughts on “What IS IT with sex?

  1. If sex were as permanent as physical goods, what incentive would we have to go out and have some more? πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t have any lingering delight – it sounds like you really enjoyed it and it was super hot. Maybe it will kick in in a week or so, perhaps you are in a bit of shock because it was your first time in this experience. Do it again! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Hillary
      I DID enjoy myself, that’s true. I was just disappointed with my own body for not retaining any lingering physical memento.
      I had a chat with a close girl friend and she suggested that because the event didn’t take place in my own bed – I had to get up, dress, travel across town to my own place – then I shook or worked off any lingering bliss.
      I imagine that if I’d been able to doze off afterwards, then I might have felt differently.

      • That IS a very good point! Hence why I like my lovers to come to me, I like to lounge around with the music still playing and in all that sexual energy. Getting on a subway or into traffic kinda does put out most flames of any kind. Can’t wait to hear more!

      • The subway would be like a cold shower. I was driving through city traffic in the late evening so that probably washed my mind clear of all the recent fun.

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