If a woman woke up as a man…


If a woman was to wake up one Saturday morning as an adult male, with a timer nearby counting backwards 23:59:44; 23:59:43… (to assure her that it wasn’t permanent) what do you think she would do with her remaining hours?

Think quickly because her time is running out.


Here’s a couple of thoughts to start you off;

1)Β  She’d get out of bed immediately and jump up and down to see if a flapping willy felt as ridiculous as it looked.

2) She’d rush to the bathroom and enjoy – just for once – not having to sit down to pee.

3) She’d jog around the house to try to understand how men can even walk with all that tackle getting in the way of their legs.

4) She’d NOT have to spend thirty minutes making herself look nice before going to the store.Β  Quick shave, brush of the hair and she’d be done!

and finally…

5) She’d get a drill and fix that darn shelf once and for all.

Please feel free to add any others! πŸ˜€

lipstick kiss mini



12 thoughts on “If a woman woke up as a man…

  1. She’d OBVIOUSLY have to masturbate to see what it feels like. And guaranteed a sex session would be in order before the day is through.

      • Matthew.
        Phew- just finished the Tiresias Suit. *fans fevered brow in a frantic manner*
        That definitely needs a sequel – plus maybe more info on where to get one it came from. πŸ˜€

      • Thank you muchly. I guess that means you liked it. I definitely want to write a sequel someday, either a continuation of that line, or a sex-reversed version.

        As for its origin, I figured anything would be ridiculous, and played with having it just be found in some lost luggage, or given by a magical creature, but settled on it being mailed by the Omarim, the alien civilization I mentioned in The Day the Earth Stood Still. I figured it’d be a nice reference.

      • Like it? I loved it. I would imagine the suit could have been grown – like the flesh of a Terminator. But perhaps, as you said, that’s best left a little hazy… πŸ˜€
        Yes, a reversed version would be fun to read.

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