Deliciously distracting…

My hotmail account keeps throwing up the same advert in the sidebar every twenty seconds.

mya pic

I wish they wouldn’t.

I know this is very likely to be a narrowed, Photoshopped and highly unrealistic image that simply serves to perpetuate the myth that women covet this body shape…

But isn’t she just deliciously distracting?

*Sighs and tries to get back to reading emails from my publisher.*

I’d completely lost my thread, so I had to re-read the email.  My publisher tells me that…

*Glances at image that pops up twenty seconds later and sighs again.*

Maybe I will write a story around this experience…


lipstick kiss

3 thoughts on “Deliciously distracting…

  1. I don’t get that image but I do get annoyed when I get distracted by photo-shopped pics like that pop up uninvited, and even more annoyed when I miss clicking on the box I am aiming for and suddenly end up at a liposuction or fertility clinic site. Grrrrrrrrrrr !
    It’s the downside of being able to have free e-mail accounts

    • I know what you mean – we are bombarded with split-second images that prove impossible to locate once gone.
      But I pounced on that fleeting image when it popped back up with its predictable regularity. 😀

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