My new cover

I’ve just received a copy of the cover artwork for my first ‘real’ novella.

*Trembles with excitement*

The Bucket List300dpi (1)

Isn’t it luuuuush?

I think the artist has caught my characters perfectly.ย  Amber is a devious mocha-coloured wildcat and Lucy is a shy blonde – until she gets horny and then she will party all night with no inhibitions.

I suggested that the editor might consider ‘My Sexy Bucket List’ as an alternative title as Google is literally stuffed with references to ‘The Bucket List’ and I think it would be a better reflection of the contents.

However, she seems happy with the title as it is.

I’m still as happy as a sex addict in an all-male sauna!




8 thoughts on “My new cover

  1. This cover is absolutely beautiful. I would like to hire your cover artist someday. It’s eye catching I’m sure your book sales will go really well. Everyone is judging a good book by it’s cover nowadays.

    • THe artist works for my publisher and I don’t have any direct contact with him or her. But if you’re really interested, I can request details or pass your addy onto my publisher. ๐Ÿ™‚

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